Failed download of DietPi-Update/


im using a Nano Pi Neo 2 (FriendlyARM) and wanted to install Pi Hole on it. Since this board supports DietPi I chose that OS so I could install Pi Hole onto it. Since my board lacks HDMI and so on, Im trying to configure it via SSH with Putty (the NanoPi is directly connected to my router via ethernet).
The problem begins with the configuration: after booting the device DietPi begins to configure itself, which is great. But after some time when it reaches the updates the progress fails (see the screenshot). I cannot interact with it anymore so i need to cancel the connection. When i reconnect via SSH to the NanoPi i get the DietPi menu and am able to do stuff - at least i thought so. Every installation fails because the DietPi setup “has not reach a sufficient state”. I am supposed to reboot the board. But after doing so the error remains. I cannot even change the configuration in the menu.
I simply believed the first-start configuration failed for some reason so I flashed the OS onto the microSD card again and started the process all over again but it is the same as before.

I hope you guys can help me with solving this issue!

The time and date of the board is wrong. Hence the certificate that the site has is in the future and thus is not continuing the installation.

sudo date 032021342020

2134 is 21:34 so you can adjust that to the time you’ll give the command.