Failed boot (guessing corrupted SD)


I’ve had heat issues on my RPi 4 when using ownCloud and Plex at the same time. Because of this, I bought a new case with fans and a heat sink. However, when I assembled the RPi, it was no longer functioning properly. My dietpi is headless, so I have no way of troubleshooting with a screen.

What I’ve been able to find out this far is that the boot partition of the SD-card seems to be corrupted. I can’t read config.txt nor dietpi.txt. Some of the other can be read though, like dietpi-wifi.txt.

Now, the issue is that I don’t want to flash the card since I would have to reinstall everything (and reconfig software). What are my options? Would it be possible to flash the card and just replace the rootfs folder (not a very elegant solution) on the SD-card?


Well if you have a different computer you could insert the SD card there, check for possible corruptions and try to fix it.

Sorry, should have been clearer. I know that I can’t read config.txt and dietpi.txt because I’ve put the SD-card in another computer. The boot-disk is read-only so I can’t exchange the two files for new ones either. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix?

I suppose there is no backup, huh?
Then your best bet would be to create an image of the SD with DD while you still can read something. Then copy a new image on a new SD and use the data from the old as reference only to restore the device. You don’t know what else might be corrupted so avoid blindly copy-pasting.

Whatever you do, create a backup of your SD cart first.

Question: why is the boot partition read only? Usually that not the case on normal systems. Any reason for this? But you still should be able perform a check disk on that partition.