Fail2Ban and SFTP FileZilla

Fail2Ban prevents me from moving my files from the local drive into Wordpress using FileZilla, so how to permit temporary ip access for SFTP?
I’ve deleted Fail2Bn for now as couldn’t work out how to set permissions and all is back to normal but I really want to use it.
It will block your IP after 3 failed attempts for 10 minutes.

It lets me connect but prevents me moving files.

easiest way to connect and to be able to move files, is to install OpenSSH Client (ID 0) and use a tool like WinSCP + SCP protocol.

Thank you

The default SSH server Dropbear doesn’t support SFTP, only SCP.
Either use an SCP client to upload the files, or install openssh-sftp and use Filezilla SFTP.