extract a .rar

can someone explain to me how to extract a .rar through the terminal, I’ll leave here the path of how my file is, detail it in password to extract

/mnt/c01443de-f5fb-494e-80fa-c5e76711f3c1/dietpi_userdata/downloads/ 13.rar

Google is your friend


sorry, my knowledge with linux and 0% I’m opening a lot with dietpi, could you give me an example of which command I type to extract

how do i access this directory via putty


Did you had a look to the link I shared? There is a section called Task: Extract rar (unpack) File

yes I understand, help me find out with a command I type in the terminal to get to the path where the rar file is

unrar x file.rar


you can change directory by using:

cd /mnt/c01443de-f5fb-494e-80fa-c5e76711f3c1/dietpi_userdata/downloads/

I’d recommend watching a video on Bash, as a lot of time spent on linux is usually at the command line. This tutorial is decent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxuRxtrO2Ag

it worked thank you