External HDD auto mount error

I have had a running Dietpi system with external HDD attached properly automounting using the correct fstab setting. For checking something fast i simply disconnected the external HDD (no umount…) and plugged it in a windows system, made the check and (of course) without safely removing removed it and plugged back to the Rpi. Automount failed to work ever since. I can mount the drive and it works well, but after reboot automount does not work. I have disconnected the drive, reboot, edited fsab and deleted the line dealing with the drive, reboot , connect the drive, using the drive_manager mounted the drive, checked the fstab file (the correct line had been created), reboot, and no automount…
I have had another hdd to start from scratch, but by now the drive_manager does not even start if the HDD connected.
It seems my clever action massed up big time. How do “reset”?
NB: There is a double Pendrive is attached with raid. That kept on working.
Thank you

If i load dietpi-drive_manager and run Refresh then the HDD is mounted.

We don’t mount HDD automatically on reboot. They will be mounted if a process is going to access them. Means, reboot your system and try to access the HDD on command line. This should trigger the mount.

Thank you so much! It works as you have said it.