External access to Raspberry (SSH)

Hello all,

I would like to access a Raspberry Pi with DietPi 8.3.1 externally via Putty.
I have installed Dropbear and entered my data from https://www.twodns.de/ under dietpi-launcher/misc Dyn.DNS.

Shouldn’t it now be possible to access the device via the IP of the DynDNS provider or the URL?
I am currently installing an RSA key for Dropbear.

Thank you

You need to check that your external internet IP is registered at your DDNS provider correctly. As well, did you forward SSH port on your router to the DietPi device?

Thank you, that’s it. I have forwarded port 22 on IPv4 and IPv6 to the device. Login works :slight_smile:

Personally I would not open my SSH port 22 to the internet. You should consider to move to a random port not known as SSH service related. :sunglasses:

Yes, I thought so. I wanted to test it now to see if it works. Fine tuning follows :slight_smile: