I am trying to set up ExpressVPN with my DIetPi, and am running into some issues. I installed the app that they distribute for raspbian, and all was well and good. The issue arises when I try to connect. Regardless of the location I attempt to connect to, the percentage always halts at 80%, and then goes back down to 0%.

I wanted to try and use the app they provide, as it it includes some stuff like kill switch out of the box. I know I can manually configure it with OpenVPN, but wanted to avoid this for the aforementioned reasons.

Has anyone had any experience getting ExpressVPN set up on their DietPi? I appreciate the help!

Should be almost the same for raspbian…also for ubuntu (since dietpi is debian based)

Appears there is a manual setup for OpenVPN

DOH…here it is OpenVPN with terminal (not a graphical interface…duh)

Note: For the VPN to be active, the Terminal window must stay active/open. It can be minimized—just don’t close it!

This looks like a job for screen
might be a good thing to learn, so you don’t lose your connection thru VPN, just screen it, detach the terminal and kapow, always up headless VPN