Eth0 and wlan0 with same IP


i am new to dietpi and networkconfiguration etc… i want to setup dietpi on an old dell micropc.

the problem is where the pc will be setup i have no wired network (there will be in the future) but for now i will be using wifi

the plan is to setup the dietpi with:
pihole, unbound, wireguard for dns
home assistent for smarthome
nextcloud for cloud storage
some download apps like radarr, sonarr, lidarr and prowlarr
and homer to acces them

now if i setup everything using wifi and later switch to a wired connection do i need to setup both eth0 and wlan0 with the same static ip adress so that everything keeps working?

thanks in advance

There is no strickt need to use same static IP but would keep things simple. Best to my knowledge PiHole is storing some IP related information. But it can be reconfigured for new IP as well.

When the time comes to migrate to the cable, you can reconfigure the network to apply the settings to the ethernet interface. In the meantime leave the ethernet unconfigured.

But please be aware that you do not use the same IP on WiFi & Cable when both adapters are active and connected to your network.

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thanks for the input guys

i have setup my device with wifi only and dissabled eth0