EteSync for DietPi

Has anyone looked at packaging EteSync for DietPi. EteSync and EteBase offers E2E encrypted syncing of calendars, contacts, notes, etc. for Android and other devices.

They have a hosted offering ( and a self-hosted offering (

It’s possible to install the application by following the github instructions, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in packaging the server for inclusion in DietPi’s software catalogue. What is the process for getting software added to the catalogue?

Thanks for the amazing work!


I moved this topic to the requests forum. EteSync wasn’t requested yet. You may also open a request on GitHub:

Best to get out implemented quickly is to do a start by yourself. We have done instructions about how to add the code to dietpi-software:

We have quite some other examples of Python 3 software where much of the installation code can be copied from. Instead of virtualenv I’d suggest to use venv, but otherwise it looks straight forward.

Thank you for the pointers. :slight_smile: