Error running rclone service

Until two days ago I had DietPi working correctly, but yesterday I don’t know how but my SD was corrupted and I have to start from 0. I have made a rclone service with certain parameters and to mount a Team Drive that I have and it always gives an error, does anyone Could you help me? I don’t know why and I’m pretty new. I have logically created the remote and everything.

Did you tried to execute your command on CLI? Does it work?

You can check as well. Maybe there are some hints why it is failing.

journalctl -u rclone

Btw: there is no need to do screen prints. You simply could copy the messages from SSH terminal directly. :wink:

I was able to fix it thanks to a friend. It seems that rclone didn’t install fusermount and I had to do it separately. thanks anyway :smiley: