Ensuring proper functionality after power loss?


I recently set up DietPi on an Odroid C2. Works very well and I’m really happy with its performance and functionality.
I’m about to go on vacation, and I’m worried about potential power loss situations that can mess with the DietPi running both unbound and Pi-hole.
What should I do to ensure a proper reboot/resume of operations after an unexpected power loss?


Best thing to do would be to build/buy a small DC UPS setup for your rig…this way if the power blips it doesn’t just cut off the SBC risking corruption of the SDCARD…however for long term power outtage it would take something triggering the SBC to do a graceful shudown as to sync and unmount the drives

Doing some googling found this
and this

Coincidentally…this should work for any 5VDC SBC’s as long as the output current is great enough to keep it running

This is a multiple voltage output battery backup

This is a DIY board you can provide whatever “battery” arrangement and provides actual UPS functionality
There are bucketloads of these out there if you search for them (believe it or not cell phone batteries work GREAT as UPS batteries in this fashion)

Amazon link for RPi UPS

Thanks for the insight. I’ll look into UPS solutions.

But setting the UPS aside for a moment, what’s the default “post power loss” procedure for an Odroid C2 w/ DietPi?
Does it return to normal operation after the power is restored (assuming there was no SDcard corruption, etc.)?

Yes, it will boot back up as usual.

usually it should, as long as there is no data corruption. :wink: