The latest version 3.1.1 promises a lot but I can’t upgrade:

“The following packages have been kept back:

I presume missing dependencies?

Any solution?


Might need to dist-upgrade to update this package. Although, recommend doing a dietpi-backup before hand, just in case.

apt-get dist-upgrade

Strange one this I found out that emby was not in the list of dietpi installed programs although I am fairly sure I installed it that way, but I could be wrong Anyhow, installing it through the menu I now have the latest version.

Thansk, JOhn

Hi John,

Not sure if this is the cause, but one thing to note, if you have a loss of power (eg: failed shutdown), DietPi-Ramdisk will not save to disk. This includes the list of installed software.


  • boot
  • install emby-server
  • pull power

DietPi will not flag Emby and installed, and, any DietPi settings changed will not have been saved.