Emby server and nextcloud on Dietpi

Hello, I want to install Emby server and Nextcloud server on Raspberry Pi4 with USB HDD attached to it. It is good combination to work together?
Now I have Nextcloud on VPS but last days I buy public IP from my ISP and want to make my own server to stream multimedia with Emby and also sync files from 3 laptops and smartphones at work and home (linux and windows) with nextcloud. I’m asking because now nextcloud sometimes after upgrade don’t work because php versions problems.


well there shouldn’t be any problems to run Emby as well as NextCloud on same RPi4. If you like to use an external USB HDD I would recommend to use a dedicated power supply for your HDD. At least it could help to avoid instabilities. We have seen it a couple of times in the past where under-voltage could be an issue.

Hello, thanks for answer. Today I recive external case with power supply for my HDD. Can You tell me how to format that 3,5’ HDD? I will have multimedia for Emby server there and Nextcloud storage for linux and windows. Do You know what I have to do to make that Rpi4 with Dietpi to use my public IP? I never had public IP and I don’t know how to start?

well this is something outside DietPi I would say. Basically you would need to configure your STATIC public IP address to point back to your Internet Router. But how to do this on your broadband internet connection, I don’t know. Maybe something to talk about with your ISP.

Much more easier would be the usage of a DynDNS entry. DietPi supports No-IP as DDNS provider.


This way you will get your own web address that always will point back to your home network.

OK, I will do that if I fail with my ISP. Thanks for help.