emby on pi

Good day
I have an intention to use emby on pi or ordriodxu4 to serve 15 client maximum without trannscoding
My question is can a pi handle it

I run Emby on XU4 easily handles three non-transcoded streams.

I tried to get it to run on Pi3 but no success - but others have fared better.

With xu4 can the number increase or any other that can handle more

Just had Emby serving video to:

2x Odroid C2 running Kodi attached to 2xTVs
1x Android phone running Kodi
1x Android tablet running Kodi
1x Apple tablet running Emby app
2x Windows 10 computers running Kodi

7 devices simultaneously XU4 temp = 63C (it gets to over 90C under heavy load. All working well.

All media files stored on QNAP NAS on wired LAN.


Thank you very much