edit IP settings over windows

hey guys,
i just somehow locked myself out of my DietPi driven raspi 4. my pihole-unbound setup was just running fine for over a week (my very first contact with linux and single board computers in general).

today i called my isp to deactivate DualStack lite (side info, not relevant to the issue), and restarted my router. the internet connection could not be summoned and so i started fiddling with my setup until i changed “static gateway” (dietpi-config > adapter setup > wifi connection) to the pi itself. i should not have done that. i cant ssh into the pi anymore because it cycles through the process of connecting via wifi and losing the connection again within mere seconds.

can i take out the sd card and edit the mistake over windows? or do i have to format the piece and start from scratch? of course i didnt back up becuase i thought this stuff is idiot proof :stuck_out_tongue:

if i can edit the settings in windows which file do i have to look into?

No the file is not accessible on windows directly as it is located on a ext4 Linux partition.

Easiest way would be to connect screen and keyword to be able to change settings again.

There is hope!
Also there is Paragon