Easy Backup/Restore to/from SD

Not sure if this is already possible, but it didn’t seem entirely simple when I tried.

I have a C2, and this may be relevant for any board with more than one boot media option.

I think it would be awesome to have dietpi-backup option to clone the root fs to the other boot media (in my case, eMMC cloned to sd card, both stay plugged at all times). Thus, if the main system crashes, can/would immediately boot to the second option (sd card) and then restore it to eMMC. Would be especially awesome if the system would attempt to boot eMMC first, and if no kernel loads, move to sdcard to try (does this already happen?)

I suppose the pain I’m trying to alleviate is opening the case and unplugging/unmounting/reflashing via desktop everything when something goes wrong. I want to get my C2 stable but it hasn’t been for the month I’ve have dietpi.

Thanks for feedback,