Duplicate IP address

Submitted the bug report already; perhaps letting people know is good too.

dietPi V159 , kernel 4.5.0-botic7-rc1 on beaglebone.

I almost got mad with unresponsive daemons like mpd/upmpdcli, and occasionally found out that the device is accessible on TWO ip addresses!! All the daemons bind to the second (that ifconfig shows), while local arp announces the first (of course) which makes dlna server / controller bite empty spaces.

Having investigated this weirdness I found out that the kernel sends DHCP request at boot, while hostname is not set yet, and THEN the dhclient comes, and takes another with new hostname. Craziness.

As I don’t want to disable dhclient in order to keep the interface hotpluggable, I’d love to find out how to disable kernel dhcp…
Setting ip=none or ip= don’t help.

Please advise! Thank you.

Ok silence.
I just deleted dhclient as I don’t have any idea how to tell it that dhcp is already taken.
Weirdness. Not linux behavior in any way.