Dumb Linux newbie question

Hi all,
I’ve created some confusion files on my server that I want to get off onto a USB stick but I can’t for the heck of me figure out how to address the Usb stick.
I have mounted it via the drive manager, and its mounted to /dev/something
But then I’m not sure how to complete the cp /etc/blah/blah.conf command to copy to my mounted usb drive
Help please!

I also have Nextcloud installed on the same server so could I copy these files into my Nextcloud folders?


I guess you are doing something wrong while mounting your USB stick

  1. plug your USB stick into your device
  2. open dietpi-drive_manager
  3. select your USB stick (something like /dev/sda1)
  4. select Mount
  5. specify the mount point (something like /mnt/usb)
  6. leave dietpi-drive_manager
  7. your USB stick is accessible at /mnt/usb now