Dual Monotir for Raspberry Pi4

I am unable to get the two monitors working on my Raspberry Pi4. Is this supported on DietPi?


many thanks for your request. DietPi for Raspberry Pi is based on Raspberry OS. Therefore it should work. I found a similar entry on Raspberry forum. Maybe it’s helpful


So I have done a fresh load and loaded Mate, with no luck. Went through the document for Raspberry and that still did not work. Do you have any other suggestions?

It shows both but I am unable to use the second one.

root@DietPi:~# tvservice -l
2 attached device(s), display ID’s are :
Display Number 2, type HDMI 0
Display Number 7, type HDMI 1

ok just a verification question, does the dual monitor setup is working with a plain Raspberry OS 32bit?

So yes. If I run raspberry OS it works just fine.