Dropbear - how to update

While digging into some networking settings I saw that Dropbear 2012.55 is installed, but the latest version from the developer is 2015.71. I’m still on v100 because doing the reimage is a hassle I’ve not gotten around to yet. So is it possible to ‘apt-get update dropbear’ and have it update correctly according to the dietpi image?



As DietPi installs Dropbear from apt-get, the version of Dropbear that will be installed is dependent on the repo.

From the sounds of it, you are running wheezy.
If you use the DietPi Jessie (latest stable Debian) image, the following version will get installed:


If you require a more recent version of Dropbear, you will need to compile it from source. Example: Cross Compiling SFTP-Server DropBear for ARM - BeyondLogic

Blerg, alright, thanks for the info. I’m really not that great with *nix, so compiling my own is right out. I’ll look towards updating to the latest image based on Jessie, but it’s no short process for me as I have keys and permission/config changes made that I have to redo when the images change like this. And being no expert, it takes me much longer than the average bear.