What I still lack in dietpi- software would be a download manager for One click Hoster.

I had this one on my server at the time

As far as I know runs pyload but not on ARM Archietectur.
Jdownloader would probably go, but frequently makes mistakes and eats out turcourses.

With Transmission, Deluge, NZBget, SABnzbd and all the torrent downloaders we have quite a bunch that should cover all needs. Or did I misunderstand or does pyload have additional features the others have not?

Yeah Jdownloader runs on Java (AFAIK), that always eats much memory at least. Not perfect for am SBC with limited RAM resources :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Yes, Pyload can be compared to Jdownloader.

There are only downloaders for torrents in dietpi software.
But there are also people who like to use one click hosters like e.g. share online etc.

Ah you are actually right, Deluge and Transmission are for bittorrents only as well and NZBget + SABnzbd for usenet downloads. Never really realized that we don’t offer any onclick hoster downloader, since I did never really use any of them :rofl:.

Okay reasonable addition then.

Works on ARM as well. As long as python and required modules are installed, it should work OS independently:

I opened an issue on GitHub:

And added it to FeatHub as well, so users can vote for it to be implemented:

Thank you, that looks promising.

Is it possible to integrate it into dietpi software at the next update?

Next update most properly not, as long as we do not find somebody that does the coding and opens a pull request on GitHub. There are other things to do our side and at least two other software requests that are first in the line.

As always more to do then man power and coding time to implement :wink:.

Is okay, you guys do great work, and I really like the Dietpie image best of all.

So if it’s not really bad, it can install itself.

Is it possible to create a plugin for installation on a RasPi 4 for Free Download Manager?

Free Download Manager for Linux | Download