Donation option/visibility

Friendly suggestion.
Options for donations should be more visible.
On GitHub it’s buried somewhere at the bottom and on the website i finally found it under “Contribute” which is confusing as contribute typically means assistance in development/code in the software niches.

I love Dietpi and I’ve been using it for more then 3 years on all my Raspberry devices and virtual machines, but “marketing” is non existent. Add some pretty buttons on the frontpage and beginning of GitHub page, so other folks can easily help.

Also Reddit page is almost dead, and Reddit brings traffic which potentially can help with donations and ultimately help you grow.

Just my two cents, all the best to Micha and the team for keeping Dietpi updated!


thx for your comment and suggestion. We will take it into our next project meeting to see how we could improve on this.


Patreon is where its at OP.

DietPi is amazing and the team do an outstanding job.

Many thanks for your kind feedback. In the past we had a “Donation” navigation link on the website, but no place where other contribution possibilities were shown. Recently we merged everything into a dedicated contribution page. We’ll discuss what we could do make clear that donation possibilities are mentioned there as well.

On GitHub btw you should have the Sponsor button at the top bar next to starring and watching, and in the sidebar :slight_smile:.