Doing a clean uninstall/install of owncloud

I’m guessing this is a very basic question, please bear with me.

I was trying to switch the location for owncloud sync files to a mounted USB drive and kept screwing up. I ended up just switching the user data through dietpi’s drive config.

But now I cannot access owncloud via browser window via any IP, and it appears every time I try to unistall/reinstall owncloud via Dietpi it appears to restore my bad settings preventing me from accessing owncloud from browser.

How can I fix this and just do an install of owncloud without it looking at old files?

If it helps,on uninstall I get a “[FAILED] DietPi-Services | occ maintenance:mode --on” when trying to uninstall.


many thanks for your report. Maybe the database service is not running. Let’s check it. Pls post output of following.

dietpi-services status