does not connect to router

my DietPi + motioneye runs without connection to the internet and records as kamara what is going on … once a week it is connected to the router and the data is saved…

now DietPi does not connect to the router… everything via LAN cable… is there a config I can adjust there ?

Maybe you can give some more information on what exactly your issue is? Do you mean your system is not getting an IP address assign while connected to the router? Or do you like to operate the system without any router connection?

the raspberry leds light up lan cable oky… router slot led also lights up… but no ip is assigned … dhcp … everything was running… maybe the card is full… is there a way to adjust the config on the DietPi … if that helps … if I can remove the card ?

Usually you can use dietpi-config to manage network connection. There you could assign a static IP as well.

To force the ethernet you can do following. But it would require to be connected locally.

ifdown --force eth0
ifup eth0

And to check interfaces

ip l
ip a
ip r

maybe the card is full

Do you mean your SD card? Can be checked as follow

df -h

hi… my minisd cart ist broken… after 7 daye o0 thx

I hope you are not storing your video streams on your SD card.

knopix boot cd
windows 10

nothing can even detect the card … sucks is