Hi Fourdee,

Is this possible under DietPi? I would like to run a Kodi headless server along these lines, on the XU4. Docker would seem to be the easiest way to achieve this.


Hi John,

I have no idea. Never really played with Docker.

If i remember correctly, Docker requires the host system to have it enabled in Kernel. I’am not sure if the XU4 image has this integrated.
It might be worth posting on the Odroid forum: As the DietPi image is built on Meveric’s image, and he maintains the kernel, probably the best place to ask.

Hi John and Fourdee,

I run into the same issue and found dietpi on raspberry pi 3 model b has docker support, just one more step than regular raspbian jessie.

Since the script from makes an assumption on lsb_release command existence and dietpi missing lsb_release, running the script will give a confusing error message of missing AUFS. To solve this, we just need to get lsb_release package, and run the script again.

apt-get install lsb-release
curl -sSL | sh

And run hello-world

docker run armv7/armhf-ubuntu_core /bin/echo 'Hello world'

It’s a massive boost to have docker available on dietpi.


edited: fix typo, lsb_release should be lsb-release (hyphen instead of underscore)

Just installed docker on my xu4.
Everything ok.
Now ready for deploy containers, such as pyload and portainer.
It seems to be very good!!.

Not necessary to have in compiled in kernel.

Latest script to install it at installs all dependencies

Fourdee probably next configurations, automations and new software in dietpi would be easier to deploy using docker.
Should read about it, i´m sure you can use many of its features to this wonderful project

Thanks for the info, i’ll take a look. See if we can dietpi-software it :slight_smile:

Containers are not really my thing, prefer to have everything run raw native. But Docker does interest me.

Docker is native. it is not a virtualization system. Is like a “chroot” with an interface for configure an do too much things.
i user dockerized portainer to manage my docker containers.

There is a minimal image called alpine to build light containers.