Docker containers don't start at boot even with restart=unless-stopped


I would like my Docker containers to start at boot, but I can’t manage to get it to work. They all have the restart=unless-stopped argument, and everywhere is said that it should make them start at boot. But they doesn’t.

Only the Portainer container starts at boot. It’s probably because I’ve installed it through dietpi-software. How can I get the same thing with my other containers ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day.

I guess you would need to use --restart=always option to get the container up on reboot.

Most of my containers are Restart: Unless Stopped, no issues in coming back up after reboot and daily dietpi-backup. Docker and docker-compose is installed through dietpi-software but everything else including portainer is created by docker-compose

Did you find a way round this?

I also use docker-compose and have restart: unless-stopped. TBH, I haven’t tried restarting recently so maybe I should just do that and see what happens.

edit: my ZIgbee2MQTT docker container restarted just fine after a sudo reboot.