I’ve freshly built DietPi on a RPi B+ and RPi 3B+ and the docker-compose command (without arguments) executes on the 3B+ but on the B+ I get Illegal instruction.

any pointers ?

How did you installed Docker-Compose? Did you used dietpi-software?

yup for both RPi’s I used dietpi-software

ok can you try following

curl -fL '' -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
docker-compose version

that worked thanks alot

Looks like docker-compose v1 is not able to run on old ARMv6 boards anymore. Good to know. Therefore we already agreed internally to switch to v2 on DietPi release V8.1

perfect thanks


let me add something to this topic.

I installed a ZeroW today and after the initial installation I selected Docker and Docker-Compose via dietpi-software installation. The installation looked good but Docker-Compose was not available. Something like command not found.

With this thread and the curl command from you @Joulinar I got docker-compose installed and running.

@cc13 The post is more than a year old and thinks has been changed by Docker guys in meantime. You should read following definitely Update to latest, can't install docker-compose - #7 by Joulinar

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