Display URL on Pi Zero

I’ve been trying to use the boot to URL feature on my very old Pi (maybe version 2) but it doesnt work, I don’t think it’s supported. Does anyone know if it will work on the lastest Pi Zero? Want to make sure before I buy one. Thanks.

You mean booting the system into Chromium kiosk mode? That is possible with Pi zero as well.

Yeah that’s the one. Thanks I’ll try it.

I’ve set Chromium to autostart but it’s not working on my Pi Zero. Chromium is not listed in the software to install either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Ah yeah we disabled it for ARMv6 although I am not sure why.

Please see here about how to unlock it manually to try it out: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/chromium-in-armv6-release/3214/1

I am not aware of any reason why the Raspberry Pi repo package (that we install) should not work on RPi1/Zero (ARMv6).

I will unlock it if we find ~2 users where it works well.

Excellent I will try it next week and report back. Thanks.

Opened an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/2860

Did you manage to test in on your RPi1/Zero?

Hey everyone,

A little bit late to the thread, but just to let you know:
I tried to run Chromium on my RPi 1, on a 720p resolution.
I works light webpages, but is barely usable on heavy ones (YouTube, Soundcloud).

I think it can still be enough for some people.