Display Resolution OrangePi Zero

Hello all… I managed to get DietPi running great on a unsupported OrangePi Zero 2W… I am stuck at finding a way to display my kiosk mode web page to fit the screen. I am running dietpi with out a desktop.


I don’t have any display resolution options when running dietpi-config. I tinkered a bit in the dietpi.txt file, that seemed to make some difference but no better then the image above.

Here is how I got this far:

Starting with a fully updated and configured bullseye desktop 5.4.125 image, I then ran the following commands to ready my system… (I found most of this in other posts.)

sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service

apt remove plymouth

apt update && apt install -y curl ca-certificates systemd-sysv && bash -c

sudo apt-get purge btrfs-tools
sudo update-initramfs -ukall

sudo apt purge btrfs-progs
sudo update-initramfs -ukall

Then followed the instructions here to run the script and install Dietpi pi

Once the script completed, I configured dietpi.txt and dietpi.wifi and fired it up.

The system boots up and runs great… I have tinkered around with this image for a few days and it seems very stable. The goal of my project is to use this system to only run a single web page in full screen mode (kiosk) as a front end for my weather station.

To get Chromium to auto start had to add some missing pieces for xorg…

apt install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev