Disk Unmount


I had dietpi on rpi 4 with 1 external drive and was working fine, today I connected and 2nd external drive and dietpi start unmount automatically the disks

any helo?

did you tried running DietPi Drive Manager?

Yeap! Mounted correctly with disk manager
I am using sonarr and radarr, the one disk used by qbittorrent and when download completed then I want to transfer it to the 2nd disk, the procedure is start and the file created on the 2nd disk but in the middle of transfer the 2nd disk automatically unmount and I have to reboot the rpi so I can mount again the 2nd disk

can you have a look to the journalctl if there is anything about the mounts?

Are drives powered from the Pi or from their own supply? If the former they may not be getting enough power.

Power from rpi4, mybe this is the issue?

More than likely - if possible use extrenal power for the drives.