Disk space saturation


I have a small question because I’m stuck on a problem with my personal server.
I have my NAS running Unraid, it’s a linux.
I set up a VM with Dietpi,
I installed the famous Umbrel app which allows me to have a bitcoin node.

But since yesterday, I have notifications that I have no more disk space (I have 1TB dedicated for this VM)
The Umbrel app only takes 600GB
Shouldn’t the DietPi bone take 400GB? I don’t know how to look at it because there is no GUI.

If you have any ideas thanks :pray:

From picture share, there is no sign on a full file system. Can you share some error message? Right now, your system has plenty of space available.

My Unraid indicates a lack of space!

Umbrel App

Not sure how Unraid is doing this but it did not fit to available space on your system.

Ok, I’all ask on Unraid forum. Thank you @Joulinar

Could it be that Unraid is looking to the disk from outside of the VM? Means it just see the disk as it is (in use) but don’t know about actual utilization from inside the VM?