Disable the DietPI Summary Banner when logging in?

Is there a way to disable the banner that is displayed when logging in? I am talking about in the shell logon, the banner that has the green lines and displays the IP address etc. The reason is that I use an automation tool called EventGhost which has a plugin to do SSH, but this plugin does not seem to like that banner and it causes that SSH plugin to fail to connect. I have considered cracking open the plugin source code, but if there is a simple way to disable the banner in DietPi that would be the quicker solution. Thanks!!


You can remove the banner display script with the following command:

rm /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-banner

Bear in mind, updates to DietPi will replace/renew that script.

You may receive errors (file not found), they can safely be ignored as this script is a display script only (not system critical).

This does not seem to work for me… The banner script just comes back after I delete it. :frowning:


Did you stop and restart the sshd service? Or reboot?

I rebooted (that’s what I’m trying to do eliminate the clutter at boot)

In case anyone happens upon this in the future, as of recent versions of DietPi:

touch ~/.hushlogin

Will hide the login banner for your current user. Put one in any home directory to silence for that user.

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