Disable Splash and HDMI output control


I’m running DietPi on a RockPi4 and I want to disable the splash screen so nothing is shown through the projector I have connected to the HDMI output. As it is public addressed and I only want it to show the videos a python script that starts as a systemd service it also will be useful to somehow have the HDMI blank for everything but the videos.

I’ve looked around and usually editing the /boot/config.txt file and adding “disable_splash=1” does the trick at least for the startup sequence but there is no config.txt file in the boot folder where to add this line.
So, can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me which is the file where I have to add this?

Thanks a lot!

This is working on RPi device only. Not sure how to do similar on RockPi :thinking:

Yup, so far it seems, the RockPi4 is different, but there has to be a way to do so, right? (fingers crossed)

I do not have such an SBC and therefore cannot answer your question.

okay, thanx for your time anyway!

So, getting the boot up sequence to not display can be the ideal solution but, now I’m facing another issue: the projector that I’ll need to use, for some reason doesn’t get recognised by the RockPi4 when it starts and the only way I can trick it to output to it is to first boot with another screen and then pluging the projector back. As you can imagine this is not doable in the final version of this project.
I’ve seen that also in other SBCs, RasPis most likely, this can also be set in the config.txt file by using sentences like “hdmi_force_hotplug=1” and other stuff, once again, I’m still looking where I can input these settings onto the RockPi4 with DietPi.
Doesn’t ring a bell to anybody?

I found a script in the radxa forum, to force to initialize HDMI, even when not monitor is connecterd (or not recognized):
forum post: https://forum.radxa.com/t/hdmi-not-working-if-plugged-after-complete-boot/1097/2
script: https://github.com/radxa/rk-rootfs-build/blob/c33a855809ff911346188d5e6fbecf2fbbf7a372/overlay/usr/local/bin/drm-hotplug.sh#L4

I can not test this bc I have no radxa device, but maybe you can make something out of it.

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Also somebody asked the same question in their forum (maybe it’s OP?)
BTW these system config parameters only exist on RPi, because the devs implemented it. It has nothing to do with Dietpi, when Radxa does not implement such things into their products.

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I’m looking right now into it, hope it works!
Thanks for your time!

Heh, that’s me, kinda desperately looking for help! I assume this is something to do with RockPis more than DietPi aslong as I’ve seen that RasPis got this covered in DietPi too. Missing the RasPi right now…

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