Disable onboard Bluetooth

Hello. Sorry my bad english. It is done with Google translator.

Hi. I’m following this guide https://gist.github.com/mill1000/74c7473ee3b4a5b13f6325e9994ff84c, and I could not Disable onboard Bluetooth. Please helpme. Thanks

I will resolve the problem. Its very simple. Only edit /DietPi/config.txt instead /root/config.txt

Jep exactly: config.txt, dietpi.txt and the content within dietpi/ folder are mounted/copied to RAMdisk on boot and are available then at /DietPi/. On shutdown the RAMdisk is copied back to /boot/ overwriting possibly changed content there. For this reason the affected files contain some info in comments at top, that they need to be edited at /DietPi/ :wink:.