disable network connectivity check

How can the network connectivity check (NCC) be disabled?

For unknown reasons ping seems to be blocked from my location and NCC is trying to ping I otherwise have a working Internet connection and the connection test within dietpi-config is successful.

As this is a fresh installation of DietPi on both hardware and fleshware I’m unable to get any further in the installation process. Please advise.


the connectivity check can’t be deactivated. It’s there to ensure propper Internet connections as well as DNS resolution.

Did you tried pinging or Would that be working or is ping not working at all?

I have the same problem. I’m on a network where ping has been disabled for security reason so I’m stuck at the connectivity check, which is a bit ridiculous as ethernet and wifi connection are perfectly fine. I guess unless there’s a way around that it’s back to Raspbian or Ubuntu for me.

ping appears to be disabled on my network.


For reference ping destinations can be changed (for example to localhost/, see GitHub issue #3395

As a side note, I find it remarkable, and somewhat frustrating, that a distribution that otherwise appears to be suitable for embedded systems is so dependent on having a network connection.

yes you could change to localhost/

And yes DietPi is depending on a valid network connection because every software that you like to install/use needs to be downloaded from Internet. By default DietPi did not contain that much, except stuff that’s needed to boot and start-up. But this is just needed during initial setup. Once all is installed and configured, you can operate the system in some kind of offline mode/without network as well.

What is the recommended way to make the system not reliant on having a network connection, once all required software is installed?

the connectivity check is done during software installations only. During normal run, no ping check will be done.

An NTP update attempt, with what appears to be a 60 s timeout, is run on bootup. Where can the timeout be changed? I’d like to make it shorter.

Go to /DietPi/dietpi.txt and set the following to 0

# Network time sync: 0=disabled | 1=boot only | 2=boot + daily | 3=boot + hourly | 4=Daemon + Drift

if you are running without valid network connection you can set this as well

# Delay boot until network is established: 0=disabled | 1=10 second wait max (default) | 2=infinite wait

Thank you very much. I’m grateful for your prompt replies.

I’ll change those settings once the configuration is done.