Disable HDMI Audio on Sparky


I would like to disable the HDMI audio on my Sparky but I’m not quite sure how. From dietpi-config I do not have the soundcard “none” option that my Pis have. I’ve seen tutorials which describe creating an alsa-blacklist.conf file. These tutorials are for Pis and describe adding blacklist snd_bcm2835 to the file the Sparky doesn’t use that device though. aplay -l lists atm7059link as the device. Should add blacklist snd_atm7059link to the blacklist.conf file? I could just give it a go but I’m a little worried about bricking the Sparky. Aslo, when looking at my Pi’s which have the HDMI audio turned off, I see that it is not done via an alsa-blacklist.conf file.

Any suggestions are appreciated.