Difficulty Obtaining IP


I am trying to install DietPi on an Orange Pi Zero.

The problem is that my Orange Pi does not have HDMI, and obtaining its IP (so I may connect via programs like Putty) is proving to be nearly impossible. I know that the standard procedure is to access my router’s interface and pull the IP from there, but my school’s networks do not allow me to do that. Furthermore, our IT Department has never performed anything like this, so they have basically told me to wait until one of their IoT specialists returns from his vacation.

This is what I have done so far:

  1. Flashed the DietPi image on my microSD card.
  2. Tried to scan the network using nmap in hopes of finding a non-Windows system (unsuccessfully).
  3. Tried to force a connection by connecting my OrangePi to my PC via an Eternet cable (while my PC was connected via WiFi – a friend said this was possible but I have yet to find any relevant information).

Do you guys know of a method? Presently, I cannot even connect to my Orange Pi to ensure that DietPi installed successfully.

Much thanks in advance!

Following never fails for me (minus incorrect name resolution for some devices):

Another option is to use DietPi-Automation, setting a STATIC IP before 1st run:

Ones you’ll need to change, after image write and before 1st boot:


I sometimes use the Application called Fing on Android

There is an option in dietpi.txt to tell the install to be headless (by turning off the option for HDMI out)

# D I E T - P I
# DietPi-Config settings.
#RPi Hdmi output (if 0, sets tvservice -o and framebuffer 16x 16y 8z on boot, headless)

Change to 0

I too had a bear of a time getting mine to boot correctly till I modified that option

Once I changed to 0…it seemed to install fine…