Different cron jobs at different times


Thanks for the awesome distribution. It makes the pi run faster and smoother than the standard distributions.

For some automation I like to run several cron jobs at different times. E.g. run every day
script1 @ time1
script2 @ time2
script3 @ …

If all scripts are in the cron.daily folder then all will be run at the time cron.daily is set (in dietpi-cron). But not at different times?
How would that be possible? Adding additional daily folders to crontab doesn’t work.



I think you’ll be limited with Cron. Its only designed to execute all scripts in /etc/cron.* at a specific time, based on their name (eg: daily/hourly etc).

A simple “cheat” would be to have a master script and delay the execution of the commands, eg /etc/cron.hourly/dothis


#Run script 1

#Wait 600 seconds after the above script is finished, before running the next
sleep 600

Good to know. I’ll try that then.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi there,

Webmin offers a good GUI to set cron jobs with different times. But you have to install Webmin as a serice.

Greets, mike175de