Dietpie password rejection after first install ( ssh login )

Hi, I’m having problem getting into my diet pie machine with ssh after fresh install.
I see the device listed as dietpie in my network map with ip assigned through ethernet cable so it seems the software was installed. ( going in headless )

I used terminal from Mac and entered: ssh root@192.168.x.xx, I entered yes for the first welcome message.

It prompts for a password but the default password dietpie is not accepted

what could be the reason? Do you think I will have better luck with putty on my pc?

Welcome to our community.

the default ist dietpi and not dietpie. Not sure if this was a typo on the forum or if you used wrong password with an additional e at the end.

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lol, it was that simple thanks :slight_smile:

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you know, big thinks - starts small :rofl: