DietPi @ Xenserver


Has anyone managed to migrate / run DietPi on Xenserver?

I have tried all the available methods and I can’t run the virtual machine on Xen.
Migration of available images does not work ;/


many thanks for your report. Not sure if this is helpful, but I will post a link to a Guthub entry, talking about support on a VPS. It’s quite a long story but at the end it was figured out how to add missing support for LVM

Thanks for the quick hint. It seems that exactly this problem may also affect me. I’ll let you know when I test it :slight_smile:

just as reference, this is the summary to fix the issue on the VPS (IONOS)

Ok. The easiest way to install dietpi on xen was to follow this link:

First clean debian minimal installation and then commands from this post. The only difference is that we also need to install “curl”. So the first line will look like this:

apt-get update; apt-get install -y systemd-sysv ca-certificates sudo wget locales curl --reinstall

The next lines can simply be pasted. Before rebooting, it’s a good idea to force the virtual machine “shut down” and export the “golden image” in xva format.

And that’s it, later you can clone at will based on the xva disk image :wink:

I hope that these short hints will be useful to someone :wink: If there is such a possibility I would like to add xva image to the database of default images to download on the main page :slight_smile:


It’s up to MichaIng if he like to put your xva image to the server. :slight_smile: