Dietpi will Be Great Choice For Surface RT Your Helpe Is Needed

Not sure what you mean? #!/bin/dash is the shebang, or use #!/bin/bash if you require bash features/syntax. It must be contained in, otherwise it fails to execute (like every script). The script is executed as root user at a very early boot stage (only) on the very first boot of the DietPi system, so you can use it to mount drives, or do whatever is required to install your kernel module and network settings.

Good job. I also have a surface RT , what’s the experience with dietpi? I also want to try, at present i am using Raspbian on it. If you can please guide about the process.


Could you explain how did you succeded installing DietPi on Surface RT.
Tried using script with Putty SSH from my laptop, but after removing desktop environment (on surface) the terminal windows (on laptop) freezes and i loose connection.
I can’t see anything on screen and don’t now if script is continuing.
I succeded installing raspbian bulleyes and ubuntu server on internal emmc but DietPi no success.
Thank you explaining step by step how you did it please.