Dietpi WIFI AP + STA

Hello supporter,
here i’m working on project where i’m using raspberry pi3 with dietpi os
now here i need to make pi3 as WIFI AP + WIFI STA same time.
i already tried dietpi WIFI hotspot and it’s working fine but i WIFI station same time.
my application blockdiagram is given in image

so please help me.


DietPi did not support this out of the box at the moment. Maybe you would need to have a look to something like RaspAP

It looks like you want to have a wifi repeater/mesh network correct?

Believe it or not, you can use some of those simple and cheap ESP01 modules and make a very teeny tiny wifi repeater
It’s rather amazing actually

The only caveat is due to it repeating…the overall bandwidth thru the network of repeaters is halved with each hop (however should be absolutely more than enough for network streaming and whatnot)

Just tested it…setup automesh and it’s working great for my network

Thanks i will check it

Thanks but my application is on pi3 because i’m also running few servers on pi3.