Dietpi web server modules

Currently Dietpi downloads Web servers packages. Unfortunately this does not allow for a user to include additional modules.
An example with NGINX. These modules may include performance enhancing modules such as ngx_pagespeed, ngx_cache_purge or security like geoip.

In the case of NGINX these modules need to be compiled with NGINX.

So there is a few ways this could be implemented but I think the easiest would be for the user to build from source with the desired modules.
Then have an option when installing Web servers for the user to point custom URL to those compiled NGINX packages instead of installing from the official repository. This comes the added benefit of Dietpi users being able to share precompiled packages. That comes with some risk but it’s up to the end user.


Do you think this would be a possibility?

In the case of NGINX these modules need to be compiled with NGINX.

I can see potential issues with compiling the latest version of Nginx and library dependencies + versions changing (eg: specific package versions required, outdated in the Jessie repo). I may be wrong, but this could end up being a huge undertaking/nightmare, and apologies, one that I simply don’t have the time for at the moment.

If you (or anyone else) can run a test compile of Nginx, with those required modules and report results, we may be able to take this further with comminuty input.