DietPi vs Openmediavault

I have used for months my Rpi3 with openmediavault as home ftp Server to have an ftp backup of the video recording.

Everything works but I am looking for a lighther OS.

My question is if DietPi is really lighther and less resource taking than openmediavault and therefore worth changing and reconfiguring the system.

Thanks for advising,

OMV requires a webserver stack to function, DietPi doesn’t. Due to this, and the many lightweight scripts/tools that DietPi has to achieve what you can do in OMV, DietPi will be the lighter (and more efficient) OS.

Either way, i’am going to be biased :wink: Although, dont take my word for it, try DietPi :slight_smile:

Thanks I have just started configuring it!