DietPi-vpn: failed

just noticed that when running dietpi-services I have a service dietpi-vpn that has a status of failed.

I have no use case for this service (I think it was installed while installing PiVPN whcih I do need as my server will function as VPN host)

How can I ‘get rid’ of dietpi-vpn service so It will not show / not show as failed / try to start on boot / etc.?

This is as expected as it is a dummy entry and is present, even if not used. However, the service should have the status inactive and not failed.

[ INFO ] DietPi-Services | dietpi-vpn            inactive (dead)

Status is failed, and I cannot set it to inactive as for that it should be started, which it isn’t. When trying to change the status it tries to start which fails…
Is there another way to set the status to inactive?

try to open dietpi-vpn and reset settings if possible.

that didn’t work. it did a systemctl disable on the service, but it still shows as failed in dietpi-services
the reason why it fails is:

Feb 06 10:21:23 ... systemd[327409]: dietpi-vpn.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /usr/sbin/openvpn: No such file or directory
Feb 06 10:21:23 ... systemd[1]: dietpi-vpn.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC
Feb 06 10:21:23 ... systemd[1]: dietpi-vpn.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Feb 06 10:21:23 ... systemd[1]: Failed to start VPN Client (DietPi).
systemctl stop dietpi-vpn.service
systemctl disable dietpi-vpn.service

just did a reboot and that did the ‘trick’: it is inactive now.

Good test as well, this server is service NBD to other servers. My old server took a long time to shutdown / start which would have a ‘domino’ effect on cloud VPS servers which where getting their storage from this server.

Odroid C4 / DietPi passed the reboot test: 60 seconds (set as that is the tmie needed for the USB drive that holds the rootfs), but nothing fell over due to faled NBD connectuions :slight_smile:

Me happy :slight_smile: