DietPi v7.5 Beta and Debian Bullseye

DietPi v7.5 Beta is ready for testing:

It is a smaller release, since we concentrate on redoing all our images, rebased on Debian Bullseye and created from scratch with a new set of build tools. The download links are gradually updated, the newest images can be found directly here:;O=D
If you face any issues, you may report them here:

Several versions ago I had a very functional DietPi scenario that I was not confident I could replicate again.

Then DietPi made that comforting certainty EOL.

Recently trying DietPi again. Will I need to periodically start afresh with every new Debian release?

If so, is dietpi-backup suitable for backing up configuration details I can in turn reestablish easily into the next release? Or perhaps are incompatible changes an issue?

I guess there is a misunderstanding. DietPi version is not related to Debian version. Just new images are based on Bullseye as current stable Debian release. However systems running Buster will get DietPi updates as well in future. The only thing we think of is to move Debian Stretch systems to EOL in future as it is oldold Debian now.

Furthermore a DietPi update will never trigger any Debian version upgrade. This is something that can be done by the admin themselves. We already have a couple of examples where user upgraded there systems successfully.

At the end it depends on your scenario and complexity of your system if you run an in-place upgrade or start from scratch. This is something we are not able to decide for you.

DietPi backup can’t be used to store single configuration. It always will backup the entire system including all software packages and version. Restoring the backup would mean to downgrade again to previous version.

The release has just been done. Many thanks for all testers and bug reporters, you are legend! :slight_smile:

Thanks Joulinar :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the kind of ‘sync’ or configuration migration between backups and new instances; backups of previous major versions and new instances of major versions, I understand this explanation and appreciate the clarification which is what I expected.

Not so clear on the relationship between Debian versions and DietPi but I will have a think and re read your post a few times :grinning:

Thanks to everyone who invested their time into this release. It is perhaps all too easy to accept software that doesn’t does overtly require payment as ‘free’. In the sense of human energy invested, there is no such thing as free software. All software requires human energy and effort. Often a lot of it! Thank you to everyone who added their efforts and energy to this release! Kudos to all of you :pray:t2::tada::+1:t2::thinking::grin::muscle:t2:

Not so clear on the relationship between Debian versions and DietPi but I will have a think and re read your post a few times > :grinning:

Simply there is no relationship between Debian version and DietPi version.

Hi, just wondering if there’s an ETA on the Odroid XU4 Bullseye image? Waiting to do a fresh install…

Thanks for all your hard work!

There is no ETA for specific images, we will refresh them one by one.

Especially for the Odroids is may take a bit longer, since many specific Kodi builds of e.g. Kodi are still missing in the Bullseye repo. I need to contact Meveric about this. As I have a Kodi build script for latest v19.1 now, making use of GBM/GLESv2, I think this can be pretty similarly used for Odroids. As of better Mesa support for several SoCs, probably many of the Odroid specific GPU libraries and GUI applications do not require a special build anymore, but not sure.