DietPi v6.8

13 Mai 2018
Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | All future DietPi images (v6.8 and onwards), now has serial console enabled by default for the 1st run setup. It will be disabled automatically after first run setup to save on resources, unless ‘CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE_ENABLE=1’ is set in dietpi.txt:

General | website: Server has been upgraded to Debian Stretch, featuring HTTPS redirect.

General | FBset is no longer a pre-req package for DietPi systems. This will be removed on fresh installations (not existing, to avoid any package conflicts):

General | DietPi login script and globals init moved to /etc/profile.d/ Ensuring any user on system with sudo permissions can load them. Global commands are also now supported across multiple users, eg: either ‘sudo -i G_AGI pacakge’ or ‘G_SUDO G_AGI package’:

General | G_WHIP*: Improved scaling detection based on character count and line count. We now also calculate character count per line, to determine if additional lines are required against X. In other words, it should be a more ‘snug’ fit :slight_smile:

DietPi-Automation | ‘AUTO_SETUP_RAMLOG_MAXSIZE’ added to dietpi.txt. Sets max /var/log tmpfs size during 1st run. Requires v6.8 or higher image.

DietPi-Config | Native PC > Soundcard: ‘firmware-intel-sound’ is now installed automatically for Intel based CPUs.

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Added ability to adjust reserved blocks percentage on ext4 file system:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Added ability to check and optionally repair a filesystem. Many thanks to MonZon for the feature request! rootFS and /boot checks will be added in v6.9, currently additional drives are supported by this feature

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Enabled access for virtual machines:

DietPi-LetsEncrypt | Lighttpd: SSL configuration upgrade according to Mozillas SSL generator:

DietPi-LetsEncrypt | Minor code and error handling improvements, as well increasing transparancy of what the script is currently doing:

DietPi-Process_tool | Rewrite of save file, to allow for stringed entries. The save file will be cleared during the update, to support this feature:

DietPi-Process_tool | Added Plex Media Server to process tool, however, transcoding will not be affected by this:

DietPi-Set_Hardware | Allo Piano firmware is now installed on demand and will be removed on update, if not chosen as soundcard:

DietPi-Software | AmiBerry (Amiga Emulator): Updated to v2.19, contains bug fixes and improvements:

DietPi-Software | Chromium: No longer requires a desktop and can be installed as a lightweight single use program, using dietpi-autostart to run under kiosk mode. Many thanks to @AYapejian! 720p is the default window size, please see ‘/var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-software/installed/’ for full options when running under ‘dietpi-autostart’ mode:

DietPi-Software | Readymedia (MiniDLNA): Removed ALSA pre-req as it is not required. Many thanks to @bokiroki:

DietPi-Software | Pi-hole: Enabled support for FTLDNS:
DietPi-Software | Gitea: Updated to latest version (1.4), for new installations only. Many thanks to @yumiris:

DietPi-Software | PHPBB3: Latest version update (3.2.2), for new installations only.

DietPi-Software | Docker: Enabled for ARMv8 devices:

PREP | G_HW_MODEL: Added for ‘OrangePi PC Plus’. Many thanks to @SuBLiNeR:

PREP | Optimized rootfs re-parition and resize. This will reduced the required intial system reboot count by one. Will take affect from official v6.8 DietPi images and onwards.
Bug Fixes:

General | Remote SCP/Rsync fix when running under ‘dietpi’ user:

General | ASUS TB: Resolved issues with onboard WiFi not being detected. Our latest image is required for this fix due to kernel:

General | Sparky SBC: Unmute USB-DAC audio fix applied during boot. Many thanks to @sudeep.

DietPi-Config | RPi onboard sound: Resolved an issue where changing from 3.5mm output back to auto, would not have any effect.

DietPi-Config | Resolved an error when selecting ‘Sample Rate’ CPU option.

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved issues with incorrect detection of drives and mounts on Debian Stretch:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved issues RootFS transfer being stuck in a endless rsync loop:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved an issue where setting read only/write modes had no effect on fstab entries. This affected recent images only:

DietPi-Justboom | ALSA must now be installed, and /etc/asound.conf must exist, before this application can be run.

DietPi-LetsEncrypt | Now skips any webserver configuration edit, if CertBot execution returns with error:

DietPi-Software | Pi-SPC: PATH fix for

DietPi-Software | WiringPi: Now installed to ‘$HOME/WiringPi’, previously this would be wiringPi-HEAD-8d188fa.

DietPi-Software | XRDP: Resolved an issue with blue screen running under Xorg. VNC4 is now installed by default, and the new connection method is ‘Xvnc’:

DietPi-Software | AmiBerry: Fix for standard boot SDL2 keyboard leaking to background. Please note fast boot is still affected by the SDL2 keyboard leak:
Allo GUI v7:

  • Resolved errors with swapfile display/change.
  • Resolved issues with CPU gov not being correctly applied.