DietPi v6.32


API Changes:

  • DietPi-Set_swapfile | Running the script without input arguments does not print the current swap file location and size anymore but will apply the settings stored in dietpi.txt, refresh the current swap file or apply defaults as fallback. Currently active swap files can be reliably checked via /proc/swaps or htop.

Changes / Improvements / Optimisations:

  • NanoPi NEO3 | Initial support for this SBC has been added.
  • NanoPi R2S | Initial support for this SBC has been added.
  • NanoPi K2 | Initial support for this SBC has been added.
  • DietPi-Set_swapfile | Added support for zram-based swap space. Use “zram” as swap location to have a zram device created (persistently via udev rule) at /dev/zram0 and used for compressed in-memory swap space. The auto-size option “1” will result in a zram size of 50% of physical RAM size, else the MiB value will be used, as long as its smaller than physical RAM size. Many thanks to @rickalm for pushing this topic with an initial implementation:
  • DietPi-Drive_Manager | For NTFS mounts, the “big_writes” mount option is now added by default, which reduces CPU load and by this may increase performance. Many thanks to @balexandrov for suggesting this enhancement:
  • DietPi-Config | Added selection of schedutil and userspace CPU frequency governors. Schedutil is a modern dynmic governor which sets frequency tightly related and according to metrics of the CPU scheduling driver itself. Userspace is a no-op governor, i.e. it does not touch CPU frequencies at all which allows setting manual/custom frequencies according to own metrics or via scripts. Read more about native Linux CPU frequency scaling:
  • DietPi-Config | RPi: Removed the option to switch the deprecated max_usb_current setting in config.txt. Max USB current is now enabled by default via firmware on all RPi models:
  • DietPi-LetsEncrypt | Lighttpd: Updated our default SSL cipher to match newer standards, still intermediate and compatible with Debian Stretch (Lighttpd v1.4.45). Additionally our config file names have been adjusted to use lighty-enable|disable-mod and priority prefixes to allow ordering own custom configs/vhosts more easily around them. Many thanks to @PanosssD for making us aware of this:
  • DietPi-Software | Komga: FOSS home server for comics and mangas, now available for install as ID 179. Many thanks to @himura95 for providing the implementation:
  • DietPi-Software | Jellyfin: A FOSS web interface media streaming server available for install. Many thanks to all who voted for it:
  • DietPi-Software | Airsonic: It is now available on Debian Buster systems since Java 11 support has been added. Many thanks to @linxiaopi for pointing us at the required re-evaluation:
  • DietPi-Software | On the uninstall information prompt, the info has been added that uninstalling usually means that related userdata and configs are purged as well. Additionally "dietpi-software reinstall " is mentioned now as alternative to repair/update installed software. Many thanks to @kpine for doing this request:
  • DietPi-Software | Python pip: We migrated this software selection to a Python3/pip3 install only, due to Python2 EOL in 2020/01. Where possible, dependant software selections have been migrated to Python3 builds, where not possible, Python2/pip2 is installed separately for now. We hope that most affected software titles will do Python3 releases soon, otherwise we will remove them form our portfolio, at latest in spring 2021. The strongest reason for this is that next Debian Bullseye (summer 2021) will not ship Python2 packages anymore.
  • DietPi-Software | SABnzbd: Migrated to a Python3-based install.
  • DietPi-Software | OctoPrint: On Debian Buster and up, migrated to a Python3-based install.
  • DietPi-Software | Wordpress: Plugins can now be installed and the internal updater used OOTB without the need to manually apply correct file permissions first. Many thanks to @Joulinar for implementing this:
    • DietPi-Software | ProFTPD: On fresh installs, reverse DNS lookups are disabled by default now by adding “UseReverseDNS off” to /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf. This increases login speeds, in case dramatically, depending on reverse DNS server. Additionally file uploads can now be resumed by default via “AllowStoreRestart On” and members of the “dietpi” group have write access to uploaded files (“Umask 002”) to increase OOTB compatibility with media and file sharing software. Many thanks to @bbsixzz for doing these suggestions:
  • DietPi-Software | HTPC Manager: Migrated to a Python3-compatibe fork initiated by @gmiranda (, since the previous fork stopped development. Please help test, and when possible contribute to this project to keep it alive. We’ll do minimal tests and assure the basic install and web interface works fine from Debian Stretch till Debian Bullseye.

Bug Fixes:

  • General | Resolved an issue where enabling or disabling IPv6 removed the expected symlink at /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf with its actual target file. This happened when using dietpi-config network options and as well during firstrun setup when dietpi.txt choices are applied. The symlink is recreated, if missing, on all DietPi systems with next update.
  • General | Resolved an external bug where the haveged entropy daemon failed to start on some ARM boards with the current version shipped with Debian Buster. On Buster ARMv7 and ARMv8 systems, a new package from Debian Bullseye is installed with this DietPi update, which contains the upstream fix:
  • DietPi-Benchmark | Resolved an issue where file system benchmarks failed. Many thanks to @dbambus for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Config | Resolved an issue where RPi onboard Bluetooth is attempted to be enabled on RPi models without onboard Bluetooth. On those models, now only the generic Bluetooth packages and services are installed and enabled. Many thanks to @TASSDevon for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | Node.js: Resolved an issue where the installer internet connection check fails due to new HTTPS redirection. For now we use our own fork.
  • DietPi-Software | HTPC Manager: Resolved an issue where install failed due to missing build-essential dependency.
  • DietPi-Software | HTPC Manager: Resolved an issue where the internal updater failed due to missing git meta files.
  • DietPi-Software | EmonPi: Resolved a failing primary UART activation on install.
  • DietPi-Software | PHP: Resolved an issue where on pre-v6.23 systems the PHP upgrade from v7.0/7.1 to v7.2/7.3 did not work as expected. Many thanks to @illusive-c for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | Xfce: Resolved an issue where the install and autostart of xcompmgr composition manager broke the xfwm4 internal one, leading to ineffective appearance settings and black borders around windows in certain cirumstances. Many thanks to @TamaTamaGoGo for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | Pi-hole: Resolved an issue with Apache webserver, where CORS check failed if the Referrer-Policy header has been set to “no-referrer”. If this is the case, the Pi-hole Apache config now sets it to the second strict “same-origin”, which does not break the Pi-hole admin panel. Many thanks to @Phil1988 for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | qBittorrent: Resolved an issue where setting the web UI port via config file or UI is overridden by the service file command option. Many thanks to @linxiaopi for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | Fail2Ban: Resolved an issue where sshd filter modes could not be set via jail config since the variable was not passed. Many thanks to @Darwolia for reporting this issue:
  • DietPi-Software | Cuberite: Resolved an install issue due to changed download URL and worked around a startup issue on RPi 1/Zero models since Cuberite dropped ARMv6 support. Many thanks to @CactiChameleon9 for providing compatible binaries:

As always, many smaller code performance and stability improvements, visual and spelling fixes have been done, too much to list all of them here. Check out all code changes of this release on GitHub:

Known/Outstanding Issues:

For all additional issues that may appear after release, please see the following link for active tickets: