DietPi v6.19

DietPi v6.19

04 Dezember 2018
Image Changes:

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Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

- General | ASUS TB: Image updated to mainline kernel, with midgard r13 GPU driver. Now supports hardware accelleration and support for Kodi.
Please download the image to enable these features.

- General | RPi 3A+: Added hardware code enabling correct naming of device throughout DietPi:

- DietPi-Software | LXDE: Applied updated DietPi theme and wallpaper. For new installations only.

- DietPi-Software | Blynk Server: Now installed to DietPi userdata directory, and, runs under blynk user. Many thanks to @joaofl for this PR!

- DietPi-Software | Reboot prompt: Will now occur prior to the system rebooting. Giving you time to do more, before rebooting! :smiley:

- DietPi-Software | Moved majority of conf/* files located on DietPi-RAMdisk, moved over to github for download during installations. Reducing the size of RAMdisk usage.

- DietPi-Software | Pydio: Added rewrite rules to all webserver configs to allow sync client connection out of the box. Thanks to @MonZon for reporting this issue:

- PREP | Serial console: Now enabled by default for all future DietPi images. Please note, only v6.19 images and above, will have this set by default. Existing images require edit of /boot/dietpi.txt and ‘CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE_ENABLE=1’ before 1st run:

Bug Fixes:

- General | Asus TB (based on our recent 2.0.8 Tinker OS pre-image): Resolved issue with corrupt characters in desktops.

- DietPi-Update | Prevented backup prompt during each subversion patch from displaying.

- DietPi-Software | Chromium: Resolved incorrect scale of window under Kiosk mode:

- DietPi-Software | OMPD: Resolved a reinstall issue due to SQL table not being correctly dropped, before re-created:

- DietPi-Autostart | XU4: Resolved an issue with startx failing during boot:

Allo GUI:

- GMrender | Resolved service failing to be enabled:

As always, many smaller code performance and stability improvements, visual and spelling fixes have been done, too much to list all of them here. Check out all code changes of this release on GitHub:✓&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+base%3Amaster

Known/Outstanding Core Issues:

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For all additional issues that may appear after release, please see the following link and select the ‘Next Version Milestone’ to see active tickets:

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