DietPi v6.17

DietPi v6.17

25 October 2018
Image Changes:

- NanoPC T4 | Image updated to include lastest kernel (4.4.154). Many thanks to @carlosedp for providing this kernel!

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

- General | DietPi now has 3 branches (master=stable, beta=public testing, dev=dev). By default, all users are on master/stable branch:

- General | Improved detection of permissions support during user data transfers:

- General | IPv6: Due to the requirements of various software titles available in dietpi-software (eg: nginx, redis-server), and that IPv6 is slowly becoming more common place, IPv6 is now disabled via sysctl on interface level, while it stays enabled on kernel level:

- DietPi-Autostart | Chromium: You will now be prompted to enter a homepage URL, which will be loaded when the application starts:

- DietPi-Config | RPi: Added support for LCD panel “Elecrow ESP01215E 7 inch HDMI IPS with touch input” (basically a cheaper RPi touchscreen):

- DietPi-Config | Added ability to benchmark network LAN transfer rates using 2 DietPi systems.

- DietPi-Config | RPi: Changing the display resolution, will also apply to Chromium under kiosk/autostart mode:

- DietPi-Config | Added an option to toggle preferring IPv4 connections with APT and wget, if IPv6 is enabled. This enhances compatibility and performance in some cases.

- DietPi-Config | Online Benchmarks Database! Now available. Simply run the benchmark from the tools menu, to upload your scores and compare against others:

- DietPi-Automation | Added settings to dietpi.txt to toggle IPv6 and IPv4 preference on first boot.

- DietPi-Update | You now have the option to view the changelog, prior to updating:

- DietPi-Software | Sabnzbd: Updated to 2.3.5 for new installations only. Now runs under its own limited user account, and, umask of 0775 for downloads:

- DietPi-Software | Card/CalDAV request redirection was added to new Baikal, ownCloud and Nextcloud installs. Now only the servers domain/IP need to be entered on Card/CalDAV clients, without any further path to the DAV endpoints:

- DietPi-Software | Plex Media Server and Transmission services run now as group “dietpi”, to allow cross access with download managers and media software:

- DietPi-Set_Hardware | Odroid C2: When selecting USB DAC, smp affinity will be applied for USB IRQ’s to improve stability:

- DietPi-Drive_Manager | Formatting: Now has the option to format the whole drive, or patition only, for drives with existing partitions.

- DietPi-Drive_Manager | Mounting NTFS drives now enabled native linux permissions support (eg: you can use this as your userdata location). Many thanks to @Random90 for making this possible!

- DietPi-Drive_Manager | Improved detection and formatting for NVMe based drives:

- DietPi-Drive_Manager | Removed /proc from fstab. No longer required as this created at kernel/systemd level:

Bug Fixes:

- General | G_THREAD_START: Resolved issue where this was running in blocking mode. Now uses exit code to indentify finished tasks instead of PID.

- DietPi-Cloudshell | Resolved various issues with inability to run service via SSH on another screen, and, G_DIETPI-NOTIFY errors. Many thanks to @potter-91 for reporting this issue!

- DietPi-Config | WiFi-Monitor: Resolved an issue with syntax, and, incorrectly pinging the default gateway, instead of whats assigned to the wlan interface:

- DietPi-Config | dietpi-wifi.db code has been optimized, and, also resolves an issue where ‘/var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-wifi.db’ was not generated automatically:

- DietPi-Config | Waveshare32b: Resolved inverted inputs under X11/Xorg:

- DietPi-Config | PineA64: HDMI sound is now correctly enabled when selected. 3.5mm support is still under investigation:

- DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved an issue where swapfile would register as enabled when set to 0 size:

- DietPi-Survey | Resolved an issue where dietpi-survey under mode 1 would not generate the survey file.

- __DietPi-Software | MPD: Now runs under the group ‘dietpi’ and user ‘root’, allowing access to music directories when contained on samba networked drives:

- DietPi-Software | Fixed an issue where software uninstalls could have failed due to dependant packages. Thanks to @dynobot for reporting this issue:

- DietPi-Software | Webservers/PHP: Fixed an issue, where PHP was not installed when a webserver was installed directly via “dietpi-software install 8X”.

- DietPi-Software | Nextcloud: On Jessie systems, no newer version than latest NC13 will be installed, because PHP5 support was dropped with NC14:

- DietPi-Software | MyMPD: Resolved an issue where the service would fail to run:

- DietPi-Software | MyMPD: Resolved an issue where the installation would fail, due to a recent MyMPD update with new pre-reqs:

- DietPi-Software | SiCKRAGE: Resolved failing install due to changed capitalization of SiCKRAGE GitHub repo, and, various additional pre-reqs due to new install method required by SiCKRAGE. Thanks to @mdoary for reporting this issue:

- DietPi-Software | VNC Server: Resolved an issue where VNC server would fail to start under shared desktop mode, many thanks to @LieDanG for reporting this issue:

- DietPi-Process_tool | Resolved an issue where applying process settings on Plex Media Server failed, thanks to @symbios24 for reporting this issue:

- General | Sparky SBC: Resolved an issue where ‘’ could incorrectly reboot the device after 20 seconds.

- General | Resolved an issue with Rock64 being unable to run xserver. Please note this device still runs under limited software rendering due to lack of available working drivers/installation method for Debian systems:

- General | Resolved an issue with Jessie failing to start networking with preboot script:

Allo GUI v11:

Known/Outstanding Core Issues:

For all additional issues that may appear after release, please see the following link and select the ‘Next Version Milestone’ to see active tickets:

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